Camp Report - 31/05/2018

Dept. of Public Health Dentistry, SMBT Dental College on the occasion of ‘NO TOBACCO DAY’ organized a Diagnostic and Treatment camp at Government Rural Hospital, Akole, Dist. Ahmednagar on 31st May 2018.

A street play was organized to educate the people about the adverse effects of tobacco chewing/smoking habit. Health care education was given to patients with different visual aids like charts, models, posters. Patients were motivated by taking oath to stop use of tobacco products and by making them chant slogans such as

”व्यसना मागे पळु नका, तंबाखू मळु नका”
“बसु नका तंबाखू खात, होईल आयुष्याचा घात”
“करू नका तंबाखूचे सेवन,
कॅन्सरपुढे आत्मसमर्पण “
“तंबाखू ची नशा करी अनमोल जीवांची दुर्दशा”

Patients were screened in the hospital 82 patients, amongst them 17 patients had precancerous lesions and conditions. We counseled the patients about the danger of consuming tobacco products and motivated them for complete tobacco cessation. We referred them to our dental college for further treatment. Of all the patients screened 18 patients received restorative treatment and oral prophylaxis was performed for 20 patients. All the screening and treatment procedure was accomplished by 3.00 pm.

Total OPD: 82
Total patient treated: 38

INTERN                                 STAFF MEMBER

Anand Gaikwad        Aisha Dodamani                 Dr.Mahesh Ahire
Anagha Gawai         Supriya Dighe                  Dr.Hitendra Jain
Mayuri Ghule         Tanvi Shinde                     Dr.Salil Bapat
Kalyani Gunjal         Mrunmayee Durugkar                Dr.Sunil Jagtap
Megharaj Hande