1. Medical Education Unit

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation and Department
1. Dr. Nand Kishore Vashisht Dean
2. Dr. Amit Naik Coordinator MEU
3. Dr. Swapna Parate Coordinator MEU/ Incharge HSETU
4. Dr. Shubhangi Sathe Professor & HOD Ophthalmology
5. Dr. Sunita Bhandari Professor & HOD Microbiology
6. Dr. Ashish Banginwar Professor & HOD Community Medicine
7. Dr. Ranjit Tandle Professor & HOD Forensic Medicine
8. Dr. Chitra Netare Professor, Pathology
9 Dr. Manasi Padhyegurjar Professor, Community Medicine
10. Dr. Kusumchandra Ambhure Associate Professor, Orthopedics
11. Dr. Girish Shakuntal Associate Professor, Paediatrics
12. Dr. Gopal Shinde Assistant Professor, Orthopedics

2. Members of Curriculum Committee

Sr. No. Name of Member Designation & Departmen Contact No.
1 Dr. N. K. Vashisht Dean 7774082304
2 Dr. Chitra Netare Coordinator, Professor Pathology 8767171803
3 Dr. Amit Naik MEU Coordinator, Associate Professor OBGY 9370424274
4 Dr. Swapna Parate Associate Professor Anatomy 8600106094
5 Dr. KusumchanDr.a Ambhure Associate Professor Orthopaedics 9324645407/ 7887777957
6 Dr. Girish Shakuntal Associate Professor, Paediatrics 9226933335
7 Miss. Sharayu Gaoture Student representative 9029044102

3. Ethics Committee

Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) is the integral part of any medical institute which is involved in biomedical research activities. As per the ICMR guidelines Institutional Ethics Committee of SMBT IMS & RC, Dhamangaon Ghoti was constituted to safeguard the welfare and the rights of the participants. In multidisciplinary and multisectoral composition. IEC got the registration from Joint Drug Controller (I) & Licensing Authority in September 2015 (Registration no:ECR/763/Inst/MH/2015). IEC is regularly receiving various research proposals by institute staff and ICMR-STS research projects by medical students for review and clearance. Name of IEC member Qualification Affiliation in ethics committee
1 Dr. Rajendra M. Bhandari MBBS, MS (Ortho) Chair-person
2 Dr. Shekhar B. Padhyegurjar MBBS, MD (Community Medicine) Member secretary
3 Dr. Vijaya S. Gunjal MBBS, MD (Pharmacology) Member (co-ordinator) & Basic Medical Scientist
4 Dr. Bhikan B. Sonawane MBBS, MD (Pathology) Member (Basic Medical Scientist)
5 Dr. Prashant A. Bhusari MBBS, MS (Anatomy) Member (Basic Medical Scientist)
6 Dr. RanjitTandale MBBS, MD (Forensic medicine & toxicology) Member (Basic Medical Scientist)
7 Dr. Leena Jain MBBS, MS (ENT) Member (Clinician)
8 Dr. Rucha H. Gulhane MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology) Member (Clinician)
9 Mr. Bhausaheb V. Jagdale B.Sc., M.Sc. (Medical Physiology) Member (Basic Scientist)
10 Adv. Prashant M. Gunjal B.S.L.LL.B Member (Legal Expert)
11 Ms. Pallavi N. Gunjal D.Ed (Diploma in Education) Member (Lay Person)
12 Mrs. Anagha V. Kulkarni M. Phil (Sanskrit) Member (Non-scientific Member)
13 Mr. Parag B. Fadnis MA (Psychology) Member (Social Scientist/ NGO representative)

4. Antiragging Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email ID
1 Dr. N. K. Vashisht DEAN 7774082304
2 Dr. Prafulla Chandak Committee Incharge 9822474227
3 Mr. Mayur Raval Chief Admin. Officer 7720019840
4 Adv. Tambe Law Officer 9922130124
5 Mr. Subhash Deshmukh Civil Representative 7798820653
6 Mr. Suhas Deshmukh Police Representative 8806643000
7 Mr. Sandip Bhalerao Media Representative 9890606448
8 Mr. Ramdas Naikwadi NGO Representative 9822002308
9 Dr. Pankaj More Rector Boys Hostel 7887474365
10 Dr. Shubra Sengupta Rector Girls Hostel 7720080695
11 Dr. Anturlikar Vaishali Female Faculty Incharge 9284283416
12 Dr. Swapna Parate Faculty Representative 9371198064
13 Dr. Vijaya Gunjal Faculty Representative 8097092722
14 Dr. Sandip Lambe Male Faculty Incharge 9028636095
15 Dr. Ranjit Tandle Faculty Representative 9403616754
16 Dr. Amit Naik Faculty Representative 9370424274
17 Dr. Shyam Ashtekar Mentoring programme I/C 9422271544
18 Dr. Nikhil Gode Faculty Representative 8652075192
19 Dr. Naushad Biyabani Faculty Representative 8087073559
20 Mr. Bharat Walve Boys Hostel Incharge 7720015935
21 Mr. Macchindra Karpe Warden Boys Hostel 7720080696
21 Mr. Gautam Patil Parents Representative 9890599777
22 Mr. Ajit Panvalkar Students Representative 9892589351
23 Ms. Swarali Khedkar Students Representative 9096667675

5. Vishakha / ICC Committee

The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of SMBT Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre functions as per directives of the Honorable Supreme Court of India.
The current composition of the committee is as follows:

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No. E - mail Address
1 Dr. Sunita R. Bhandari Professor & HOD 9422746246
2 Mrs. Fadnis Asha Parag Outside Member Clinical Psychologist, Project ADHAR 9881153795
3 Dr Shailaja Jadhav Professor 9921153607
4 Dr. Padhyegurjar Manasi Shekhar Professor 9820768890
5 Dr. Amit Gujrathi Associate Professor 9623692881
6 Dr. Amol Rajdeo Assistant Professor 9910052029
7 Mr. Mayur Rawal CAO 9904038381
8 Mrs. Hase Jyoti S. Central Library 9527175224
9 Mrs. Shalini Udhiwal Deputy Nursing Superitendent 9860840390
10 Mr. Vinod Gosavi Student Section 9130052941
11 Mrs. Sarita Asane Biomedical 9766066993

As per directive of MUHS and UGC, circulation of “Handbook on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace” is being recommended.
This handbook has been developed by ministry of Women and Child Development, GOI. The Handbook clearly describes the issues like what is workplace harassment, its prevention, prohibition and redressal along with global norms and good practices followed in this regard.

Handbook for sexual Harassment(Click here)

6. Pharmaco vigilance

Pharmacovigilance cell has been instituted in SMBT which is run by pharmacovigilance committee, under which different pharmacovigilance activities are being coordinated by department of Pharmacology. Its main purpose is to reduce the risk of drug related harms to the patients. It plays an important role in the rational use of medicine and provides the basis for assessing the safety of medicines. Cell has broader coverage from the experts from all the clinical specialties. The major activities conducted are collection of ADRs from different clinical departments (OPDs & IPDs) and submission to the pharmacovigilance centre of LTMMC Sion, Mumbai. Drug alert cards are distributed in all clinical departments to ensure immediate and regular ADR reporting. Committee meetings are conducted regularly. Various seminars are also regularly conducted as the part of functioning of the cell. The members are continuously trying at all levels to spread awareness regarding this important issue.

Sr. No. Name Department Designation
1 Dr. Vashisht N. K. Dean Chairperson
2 Dr. Moghe Vijay Pharmacology
Member Secretary
3 Dr. More Pankaj Pharmacology Co-Ordinator
4 Dr. Mane Anil Medicine Member
5 Dr. Mrs.Chitale Anjali Surgery Member
6 Dr. Jadhao Sanjay Orthopedics Member
7 Dr. Naik Amit OBGY Member
8 Dr. Sathe Shubhangi Ophthalmology Member
9 Dr. Shakuntal Girish Pediatrics Member
10 Dr. Jain Leena ENT Member
11 Dr. Jadhao Vikrant Skin & VD Member
12 Dr. Devraj Mayur Chest & TB Member
13 Dr. Bharati Anup Psychiatry Member
14 Dr. Musale Prashant Radiology Member
15 Mrs.Gosavi Pratibha Nursing Superintendent Member

7. Students Welfare Committee

Sr. No.





Dr. Vashisht N. K.

Deans Office



Dr. More Pankaj




Dr. Banginwar Ashish




Dr. Chitale M. S.




Dr. Jain Leena




Dr. Lambe Sandip




Dr. Tandle Ranjeet




Dr. Sengupta Shubhra




Dr. Patil Asmita




Mr. Thorat Milind




Mr. Gosavi Vinod

Student Section



Mr. Patil Akshay

MBBS Student

Student Representative

8. Hospital Infection Control Committee

Sr. No. Name Department Designation
1. Dr.Tekale Arun M.S. Chairperson
2. Dr. Bhandari Sunita Microbiology Consultant
3. Dr. Ingole Hemangi Microbiology Co- ordinator
4. Mrs. Kadam Nursing ICN
5. Dr. N.K. Vashisht Dean Member
6. Dr. Anil Mane Gen. Medicine Member
7. Dr. Mrs.Anjali Chitale Gen. Surgery Member
8. Dr. Jaywant Aher OBGY Member
9. Dr.Shubhangi Sathe Ophthalmology Member
10. Dr Vikram Kulkarni ENT Member
11. Dr. Sanjay Jadhav Orthopaedics Member
12. Dr. Nitin Mehekekar Paediatrics Member
13. Dr. Ashish Banginwar CM Member
14. Mrs. P.S. Gosavi Matron Member
15. Mrs. R.D.Chaudhari Sister I/C OT Member
16. Mr. Nitin Godekar Laundry I/C Member
17. Mr. Shekhar Kitchen incharge Member
18. Mr. Raju Singh Housekeeping Member