Department Of Central Library:

Under the leadership of Ms. Hase Jyoti S. (Library Incharge) Central library tries to achieve comfortable learning environment for the benefits of students and staff. Library is well furnished, fully air conditioned, naturally lighted and divided into lower and upper ground floor with pleasant interior. It is well stocked with latest editionbooks to meets needs of users. There is also subscription of national and international journals on continuous basis in the form of print and online.

Central library provide following services:

  1. Reference service
  2. Document delivery service
  3. Bibliographic services
  4. Referral services
  5. Internet connectivity in Digital Library
  6. Current awareness service
  7. Open Access System
  8. Pustakpedhi Scheme

Digital Library with n-computing system:

(Incharge– Ms. Surase Manisha V. (Dy. Librarian) Individual computer with internet connectivity are provided inside the digital section for users to obtain up-to-date learning information for teaching and studying. It provides audio visual section, C.D. Room and DVD players for the users to view different formats of print materials.