Academic Activities
At SMBT, we make sure to carry out relevant academic activities as per the standards of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. Over the past few years, we are conducting workshops, seminars, reorientation programs and expert lectures to broaden the horizons of knowledge of our students.

Hospital Activities
Our 260-bed Ayurvedic hospital is well-equipped with modern diagnostics and therapeutic tools. We provide 8 OPD & 9 wards as per the norms of general & special treatment for the patients. Other than these services, hospitals also cater to the following needs:
Excellent OPD services for patients free of cost
Free accommodation & mess-service for in-patients
Round the clock medical attention for with special trauma-unit facilities for emergency treatments
Well trained paramedical staff
Special units (Ksharsutra) for skin disorders
Separate Panchakarma units for male & female
Well-equipped laboratory facilities to carry out investigations as required
Diagnostic facilities such as X-ray and Ultrasound.
24/7 Ambulance & Pharmacy services.

Research Activities
SMBT contribute significantly in research and has facilities to carry out clinical, drug & literary research. Our research project – the effect of “Rasson Ksheerpaka on Hyperlipidaemia” has been approved by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik and it is in progress. We encourage students to get engaged in research so that they make a better living for the people of the nation. We also have reserved funds & provide financial aid to our students in order carry out various research project.

Our quality-centric approach enables us to manufacture quality products & the same is delivered in our medicines. Ayurved Pharmacy is all about manufacturing quality medicine. We are rooted to traditional methods for & make use of medicated Oil, ghee etc.

Educational tours are an integral part of our co-curricular activity. Interactive sessions such as elocution debates on various topics are organized for students on regular basis.

Institute takes initiative in nurturing young minds which is why the institute motivates students to participate in events such as Spandan, Ashwamedh, Avishkar organized by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.