Inauguration of satellite centre at PHC, Dhandarphal

SMBT Dental College has setup a new satellite centre at PHC, Dhandarphal in order to provide needful dental services to the population. It aims to spread awareness regarding oral diseases, their causes and the importance of oral health for a healthy body. The objective of the satellite centre is to improve oral health of the people in remote areas by early diagnosis of oral diseases and their prompt treatment. With the increasing incidence of oral diseases amongst rural areas, this is a step towards provision of advanced therapeutic procedures within their reach. The satellite centre has been opened keeping in mind the need of dental health services of general population of all nearby villages. Priority is given to providing rightful dental health care facilities at their convenient areas.

The inauguration ceremony began at 9:00am on 29th of November 2017 at the satellite centre PHC Dhandarphal. The organisers, Dr. Mahesh Ahire, Dr. Hitendra Jain, Dr. Salil Bapat, Dr. Sunil Jagtap and interns, welcomed the chief guests Shrimati Durgatai Tambe (Nagaradhyaksha Sangamner Nagarparishad) and Mr. Indrajit Thorat. Dr. Mahesh Ahire initiated the ceremony and introduced the satellite centre emphasizing on its importance. Dr. Ashok Patil, the Principal, and Dr. B.M. Deshpande, administrative officer of SMBT Dental College, felicitated the chief guests. Principal sir conveyed information about the treatments available at the centre for the people. Further the chief guests praised efforts done by SMBT Dental College team for taking steps in creating awareness for dental health. The satellite centre is running smoothly till date and providing necessary treatment to the needy population in the rural part of Sangamner